Message from the Head

Welcome to the Centre for eLearning (eCentre) of the Open University of Hong Kong.

The launching of e-learning programmes is an initiative of the University to diversify its modes of teaching and learning to promote greater flexibility and choice for its students. The new e-learning mode combines the flexibility of distance learning with the interactivity of face-to-face teaching. You can get a good understanding of the e-learning mode by clicking here to view a demo of an e-learning course .

Our first e-learning programme, launched in October 2007, is the Master of Laws in Chinese Business Law (Business Applications) programme, which will be delivered in Chinese. The English version of the programme had it's first launch in October 2008. The eCentre is planning to broaden its offering of e-learning programmes in the near future, with a Doctor of Business and Administration, Master of Business and Administration, and other business-related programmes.

Through collaboration with other educational institutions, the eCentre aims to provide quality education and training globally through e-learning. Our partners include educational institutions in Mainland China , Taiwan , Singapore , Malaysia , Australia and the United Kingdom .

We welcome your comments and suggestions, which will help us to enhance our teaching and learning support. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Prof Chung Siu-Leung
Head of the Centre for eLearning
The Open University of Hong Kong

Modified Date: Jul 28, 2017